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Gift Box Sets

The perfect gift for your loved one. Pick from a selection of pre made gift boxes. The beautifully presented boxes include items such as Yankee candle products from the extremely popular candle maker, a range of bath blasters and creamers and fashion jewellery in matching colours.

Our selection of gift bags/boxes start from £14. The standard items are shown on our Gift box page, however visit or contact the shop so that you can tailor them more to meet the lucky persons needs.


Small Gift Set

Small Yankee jar, One Bath Blaster, one creamer.

£14.00 + £5.95 pp


Medium Gift

One Medium Yankee candle, Two Bath Blasters, Two creamers.

£25.00 + £5.95 pp


Large Gift Set

One Large Yankee candle, Three Bath Blasters, Three creamers.

£35.00 + £5.95 pp

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Gino Cerruti

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